I am a writer and lecturer interested in the formal tension between experimental writing and dark genres.

My PhD in Critical Theory and Creative Writing examined the figure of the dead girl in contemporary experimental writing, as a site of queer and feminist recuperation. I published two short books as a result of this research: The Luminol Reels (Calamari Archive, 2014), an experimental novella narrated by a chorus of dead women, and Luminol Theory (Punctum, 2017), a creative-critical work using forensic crime scene investigation techniques to analyse representations of the dead girl in popular culture, literature, and film. Previously, I published a crime novel which reimagined the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey (The Museum of Atheism, Salt, 2012). 

My critical work engages with deadly encounters in the forest from the myths of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, to contemporary rural and folk horror cinema.

I am currently working on Ceremony, a novel about adolescent girls and rhododendron invasions, and a long essay about the violent death of a friend from adolescence, and the cultural centrality of dead girls.

I am writer-in-residence at the Coffin Works museum in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, where I am co-investigator on a project on the history of burial shrouds.