Photograph: Cassie Holland

Photograph: Cassie Holland

I am a writer and lecturer interested in the formal tension between experiment and genre. My current research and writing projects focus on three main areas: 

Death Rituals 

I am currently writer-in-residence at the Coffin Works museum in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, where I am co-investigator on "Dead Fashionable" a project on the history of burial shrouds. I am running a series of writing events in conjunction with BrumYODO and their annual festival “A Matter of Life and Death” to include a series of school workshops about death and dying, a death and literature book group, an adult writing workshop at Coffin Works, and a death cafe. My previous work has focussed on forensic analysis and crime scene investigation.

Confessional Writing 

I am working on a creative nonfiction book about the violent death of a friend from adolescence, and the current cultural obsession with the trope of the dead girl. I am also working with Holly Ranger on an AHRC funding bid for a potential research network to bring together scholars and writers working on the feminist and queer history of Confessional writing from Ovid via Plath and Sexton, to contemporary Confessional writers and memoirists. 

Rural Horror

am interested in the forest as a mythical, sacred space, but also as the site for environmental trauma and human violence. My critical work engages with encounters in the forest, from the myths of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, to contemporary rural and folk horror cinema. My current novel is a eco-horror, speculative retelling of Euripides’ Medea.  

I currently teach creative writing at Coventry University.